App Hider Features

Here are some of the main app hider features

Hide Apps Without ROOT

  • Import app into App Hider which you want to hide and then uninstall that app from your Home system .
  • Extremely optimized for social apps like: Whatsapp | Instagram | Facebook Messenger | Telegram and etc.

Clone Apps (Dual Apps)

  • With this feature you can access multiple accounts of your social media like Whatsapp & Facebook from one device.
  • You can go multiple accounts with your favorite game on only one device.
  • Not like other app cloners our clones can run without the original app installed on your device.

Hide Photos (Hide Pictures) Hide Videos

  • Import your photos to our hidden gallery from your gallery
  • View and play your hidden photos and videos directly from App Hider

Hide Myself

  • App Hider can turn itself into a Calculator Vault to protect your privacy in App Hider.
  • The Calculator Vault is a real Calculator and if you input the right password into the calculator… Boom App Hider home shown up.

64-bits Supported

  • For some users of WhatsApp and Telegram. You need to install a tiny support library to run WhatsApp and Telegram which is only on 64-bits mode.

Android 8 Oreo supported

  • Working superbly with new android versions.

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