Download AppHider v1.10.8a

Download AppHider v1.10.8a
Download AppHider

Thinking how to keep the Data private because you don’t want to share the stuff you keep in your phone with your friends and especially family but you also don’t want to sound rude to them by snatching the phone? Well, this is the issue with all of us.

Also there are so many apps on the play store.

But now we have to do something in order to protect the phone and to do this, the only easy option is to download the app called App Hider.

Yes, the app is one of the best app for keeping the stuff safe and not just the gallery but you can also keep the phone and all the apps hided with the app. You can also keep all the app hider or else just selected ones.  Now there are many features of the app so before we head to download the app, let us read the features of the app-

Features of AppHider v1.10.8a

  • AppHider is free of cost app.
  • You can secure all your apps through this app.

How to download AppHider v1.10.8a?

If you want to download the app, make sure to click and download apphider v1.10.8a the file first. After that, you need to click and enable the unknown sources. Once done, you have to click and agree to the terms and conditions and install the app. The process is easy.

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