Download AppHider v1.9.11a

Download AppHider v1.9.11a
Download AppHider v1.9.11a

We all know what is smart phone, everyone of us having smart phone. These smart phones are much better and smarter than its ancestors. Smart phones provide us number of functions and new options in almost every aspect of performance like from display to battery life, from camera to gaming experience.

But still there is one field where most of the smart phones are lacking and that is privacy. Operating systems like Android, iOS are providing us different method to lock and protect our phone like pin code, finger touch, passcode etc,

But they are not providing privacy to the individual applications which means if someone crack down the main lock then all the other applications are on risk too because there is nothing which is hiding those apps. So, to solve this problem we one great application name as AppHider.

Everyone of us are already aware of AppHider, it is the best application present in the market which is actually providing privacy and security to all of the other applications individually. AppHider is in the market of smartphone- privacy from the early days of android and that’s the reason why this application is so much famous.

Features of AppHider

  • AppHider is very lite in size and that’s why it runs on any phone without any lagging issues.
  • It has a very attractive interface and its interface is also very smooth.
  • AppHider provides us so many options to secure our data and applications like passcode, pattern, finger-tip, pin, face detection.
  • It does not share the data of users and device with any other third party.

How to download AppHider?

To Download AppHider v1.9.11a Click below-

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