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There are so many apps available in your phone to entertain yourself and a phone is to be kept with you as it will tell about you. You can simply use the phone and easily keep all your pictures and stuffs in it. But is there any app which can hide it self? Here is one app which will be hidden your phone safe.

The app we are talking about is called AppHider which can keep your apps and data hidden. so that you can easily keep the phone easily safe with you.

Now let us see how to Download AppHider v1.9.13a and what are the features of the app. But before this, let us read more about the app so that one can understand how does the app work.

It is an app which hide stuff in your phone so that nobody else can see your stuff without your permission. You can download any app and hide it with apphider.

Features of AppHider

There are many features of the app called AppHider but we are not able to write all of them here. So what you can do to know the app better is to download the app and know it better. So without just wasting the time, let us read some of the features stated here-

  • AppHider is free of cost.
  • simply click and download it in free of cost.
  • You can hide anything your phone easily through using AppHider app.
  • You can also make your apps go invisible a gallery with this app.
  • If you want, you can use the pin code for the app.

How to download AppHider?

We can Download AppHider v1.9.13a from this link:

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