Download AppHider v2.4.1

Download AppHider v2.4.1
Download AppHider v2.4.1

Do you like keeping your phone’s content personal like me? And even if you give someone your mobile, you don’t want them to check your personal pictures/videos/messages and apps? If yes, you must try AppHider. Let me give you a quick intro to the app.

AppHider is an app that helps you to keep your phone’s stuff hidden. In other words, it protects your gallery, WhatsApp, personal messages with a hidden app that can be only unlocked by you. Also, if you want some of your private pictures not to be located at the gallery, it can be possible as well without losing the data.

Apart from these things, it can also hide clone apps. Sounds good? Well, trust me, this app is a must one for you if you want to protect your smartphone’s content.

Features of AppHider

  • AppHider It helps in keeping your stuff safe with you.
  • Also Vault Password can be set with a pattern, pin or fingerprint sensor.
  • You would be able to misguide your friends by a calculator icon.
  • Low storage app.

App Hider 2.4.1 Update

Fix :-

  • bugs that imported apps can not be launched in some cases
  • bugs that it will be blocked while launch our app in some cases
  • crash while opening 32bit app in Huawei-phones
  • crash while opening all apps in Android 8.0 devices
  • fix bugs that importing progress lost in some cases

How to download AppHider?

Finally we can Download AppHider v2.4.1 this application from this link:

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