Frequently Asked Questions About AppHider

Frequently Asked Questions About AppHider

How to hide an app?

  1. Import the app which you want to hide into App hider.
  2. Launch the cloned app in app hider to make sure the clone is working well.
  3. Uninstall the origin app from your device. Now you can only launch that app from App hider.

Does every app can be cloned in App Hider?

  1. We are not sure because we can not test them all. But you can try just dual the app dual Whatsapp dual Facebook. You will lose nothing trying to dual the apps.

Why there is notifications comes from the hidden or dual WhatsApp?

  1. You can switch off the hidden app notification from our App hider for android setting.

How to hide app hider itself?

  1. Tap Protect App Hider icon in App Hider Home
  2. Setup your password.
  3. Then in several minutes. App Hider will turn into a Calculator.
  4. Open the Calculator and tap your password then your App Hider Home show up.

Why App Hider in my Settings->Applications when it already turns into a Calculator vault?

  1. Settings show the default icon and name of an application.
  2. To avoiding that you can download which has almost the same features of App Hider.