Hide Apps On Android

Now a days smart mobile technology has made devices as part of our identity. 

So these android smart phones are bond with your personal life.

But, as you disclose parts of your personal information to some people yet hide them from others.

The target is to hide away your files, photos or applications on your android smart phone is a popular one.

Maybe you have app aren’t quite “girl friend friendly” such as “Tinder”  for you to feel safe handling over your phone to your girl friend without any fear. 🙂

Or you’ve got some privet pictures that you don’t want to show to your friend. Maybe you’ve some valuable documents that contain highly classified content.

Whatever the reason, there are a really good option for you when it comes to hiding content on android phone.

We’re going to know about AppHider for android  and it also can use for hide photos and videos too. 🙂

What is AppHider For Android?

Most android devices don’t actually have default app to hide apps, 

so no matter what you looking to do, you have to use a third party app for achieve your target.

The best app for hide apps on android is AppHider.  As, its name  this android app is born to hide stuff.

Also it’s a totally free app and it lets you hide apps, clone apps, hide photos & videos and also can use multiple accounts on your phone with ease.

App Hider Features.

hide apps on android

1. Hide Apps

You can hide any app on your android mobile. Also it is highly optimized for social media apps like : WhatsApp, instagram, Facebook.

2.Clone Apps

With this feature you can access multiple accounts of your social media like : WhatsApp, Facebook from one device.

Also you don’t need to original app installed on your device.

3.Hide Photos and Videos

There’s a gallery in the AppHIder app. All you need to do is import your media files into the AppHider gallery  and then delete those original media files from your home gallery.

4.Hide Myself

After you setup the app and import your files that you need to hide, you can turn the app hider for android in to a calculator vault to protect your privacy in application.

This calculator vault is a real calculator and you can setup a password in it.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of AppHider For Android.

After reading above features, without and doubt everyone will say AppHider is the best app for hide apps on android.

Specially for social apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Also AppHider is a excellent app cloner. with this advantage you can access multiple accounts from one android device.

This application can also hide photos and videos too.

Also the AppHider can hide itself by turning into a calculator vault.

As a disadvantage of it, We can say  when you wanted to hide an app that only supporting 64bits on android.You may have to download AppHider 64bit mode.

Additional information About AppHider For Android.

Last UpdatedSep 3, 2019
Installs 5,000,000 +
Requires Android 4.0.3 Up
Content Rating3+


AppHider is created to keep your important apps and data out of the hand of casual guest users.

This application is one of the best choice to hide app on android smart phone.

Also this app can hide your media files too.

We hope this article will help you to get good understanding about AppHider for android and uses of it.

Thank you.